We are Capable

Working with Computer Numerically Controlled equipment (CNC), Wayne Steel provides unequivocal accuracy in every project from single prototypes to multiple runs. Not only does this advanced equipment control consistency and quality in multiple runs, it also ensures that the part produced this year is an exact duplicate of the same part produced last year. When companies choose Wayne Steel Supply, $3 million of state-of- the-art equipment is at their disposal. This includes a high-tech laser for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous material. The laser yields extreme precision and works especially well with tight tolerances, giving the metal a superb fit and finish. As we grow, we will continue to invest in our technology, upgrading equipment when necessary to provide the best resources to service our customers' requirements.

CNC   Laser

The "business end" of the high powered laser cuts with CNC accuracy.


High Powered metal shear

Complex fabricated assemblies built in our shops


We're capable of forming and assembling very complex subassemblies


Ready to make some bread? Here's a stainless steel pan to do it.


"Showing off" the lasers accuracy.


To say we are diverse in our capabilities would be a huge understatement, you design it, we'll build it.

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